Sno’s Rogue UI Guide & Cheatsheet

If you’re a rogue looking to improve your default WoW UI, then this is the cheatsheet for you. There’s A TON of quality of life add-ons you can add that make life easier as a rogue.

I use almost every add-on on this page in one way or another, but I’ve included a couple I don’t use that others might find handy.

This is what my UI looks like currently:

How do I set up everything?

Here’s a video where I run you through all the trickier UI mods that I use, as well as how I set it up: Classic Rogue UI & Add-On Guide (setup video)

ps – I HIGHLY recommend you install the twitch app here if you are someone who uses a lot of add-ons like me.

It’s a lifesaver for keeping everything updated with 1 button inside the twitch app and you can even install them through the twitch app instead of manually downloading everything 1 by 1 and unzipping them into your WoW folder.

Base UI

These are what I consider a good starting point if you want to do a full re-do of the basic WoW UI. If you already like your current base UI, then you can skip this and just pick up Weakauras 2 plus my auras + other add-ons further down.

ElvUI is the most popular all-in-one WoW UI and Redtuzk’s version is the most popular mod of ElvUI in Classic WoW.

I love Redtuzk’s ElvUI as a full base UI and I’ve been using it since early classic. It’s very clean and minimalist and Redtuzk is a rogue himself who’s been helping out the community with UI mods and auras for awhile. The raid frame for this UI is especially nice and minimal.

I know, I know. Some people hate ElvUI because it changes too many things. However what you’ll come to find is if you skip a good base UI, then you end up adding 100 other add-ons that do the same thing anyway, so in my mind you must as well start with a good base that looks pretty too.

RedtuzkUI/ElvUI isn’t in the twitch client so you’ll need to download them separately here (you need ElvUI as well for RedtuzkUI to work, since it’s a reskin of ElvUI):

If you use RedtuzkUI/ElvUI, you definitely want to download AddOnSkins as well. This basically adds a whole bunch of extra skins for the blizzard UI windows and other popular add-ons so that they match the rest of your UI.

Download it from twitch app or directly here:

Weakauras 2 doesn’t actually do anything by itself, but it allows people to import add ons made by other people into weakauras in game or even build your own bars/notifications in game. A whole bunch of the add-ons I use require weakauras 2 to work, so you’ll definitely want to install this.

Install it via the twitch client or download it directly here (make sure you grab the classic version):

(optional) For those not using ElvUI/RedtuzkUI

You’ll need some of these if you choose not to go with an all in one UI. If you use ElvUI/RedtuzkUI you don’t need these optional add ons as these features come with ElvUI already.

The one exception might be threat plates (or similar other nameplate options) which some ElvUI users still choose to install (and disable their ElvUI nameplates) because of the extra threat coloring options given on Threat Plates.

Adds timers to every icon. Basically a must have if you don’t have ElvUI or another all-in-one UI doing this for you already.

You can download this from the twitch app or directly here:

Those without ElvUI you’ll want some sort of nameplates add-on that shows debuffs on the nameplates. Threat Plates is my personal favourite of the options due to having some neat options like changing color based on threat level (but any of the popular nameplate add-ons all work well).

You can download this from the twitch app or directly here:

Again, if missing ElvUI you’ll want something to show enemy castbars. This is the most popular option for enemy castbars.

You can download this from the twitch app or directly here:


If you’re not sure how to import weakauras, just watch my rogue UI setup video above.

Adds a few useful stats to your character window. Super handy crit cap live tracker so you know when you’re over the crit cap and need to swap in some %hit gear.

Created by Redtuzk.

You can import it here:

Automatically disables/renables the bloom effects when you enter/leave the annoying ‘drunk spider poison’ area of ZG.

Created by Redtuzk.

You can import it here:

This shows a bright icon with duration timer if the person you are targeting used a FAP/LIP/LAP near you. Handy in PvP in case you don’t notice the potion spell particles right away.

This was an existing weakaura but I tweaked it to add Living Action Potions for phase 4.

You can import it here:

Just tweaked an existing weakaura again to fit my needs. This weakaura creates a bar that tracks all my standard pvp consumable counts.

You can import it here:

Just a super simple but clean swing timer for your mainhand weapon. I just modded an existing one slightly to be prettier.

You can import it here:

Shows a red warning graphic on you when you’re about to pull threat.

You can import this here:

This gives a 2 min warning when one of the 5 main consumables is about to expire/missing on raid, then glows brightly when it expires.

I tweaked this from an existing weakaura that Kuklinski created to be a bit cleaner for my needs.

You can import it here:

Poison tracking weakaura created by Redtuzk.

You can import this here:

A simple weakaura that shows an icon when crusader procs and glows when you get a 2x crusader proc from both weapons.

You can import it here:

This is designed for those who want to LIP opener in BWL followed by a vanish. It shows a LIP icon, then plays a sound and displays vanish when you have less than 1.5 sec left on LIP.

Personally I don’t use this weakaura myself as I prefer no sounds and I don’t always vanish after a LIP, but I’m including it for those who do want it. I added a more lowkey LIP tracker myself to NugRunning instead (see video here to do it yourself).

You can import this here:

PvP Add-Ons

Sometimes you just want to alt-tab while waiting in a BG queue, but you’re scared the queue will pop the moment you tab away.

This add-on sends you a whisper when queue pops to force your WoW client to flash on your taskbar. I ranked to 10 during the peak of ranking madness in AV and this add-on was a lifesaver.

Download via twitch app or directly here:

Using certain abilities (such as stuns or incapacitates) multiple times on a target within a short window will trigger diminishing returns (DR). For example, this means a target that is under diminishing returns won’t be stunned for the full duration if you cheap shot stun him a second time in a short window.

This add-on tracks the timer for diminishing returns. Very handy in pvp!

Download it via twitch or directly here (make sure you pick the classic version):

Tracks the honor levels of everyone else on your server. Very useful if you’re actively ranking.

Download it from twitch or directly here:

Tracks your honor per hour. Another very useful add-on if you are actively ranking.

Download it from twitch app or directly here:

Displays a CC icon with a timer over your character when you get CC’d. Useful in chaotic fights when you get hit by a whole bunch of abilities and just want to know how long you’ll be CC’d.

Download from twitch app or directly here:

This add-on is designed to show CC and other things on nameplates, but I turn it all off (other add-ons do this better) and just use this for showing trinket and racial re-use time on enemies.

Download it from twitch app or directly here:

This bar pops up and track key cooldowns used by enemies near you. Only thing missing was I had to add mage blink tracking manually.

Download from twitch app or directly here:

The loved but also hated add-on that shows/alerts you of enemies near you. It’s actually a lot less powerful since they nerfed it’s range though (which is good for rogues who want to sneak up on people).

Download it from the twitch app or directly here:


Raid boss aoe timers and other handy raid timers. If you raid you probably already have this installed as many guilds require you to have it.

Download via twitch app or directly here (make sure you download the classic version):

DPS meter add-on that shows you your dps (can be configured to show healing and other info as well, but let’s be real… you’re a rogue so it’s going to always be set to dps).

Download it via the twitch app or directly here:

Threat meter for classic. Works fairly well, I prefer this to the version that comes with details (tiny threat), but either is fine.

Download it from the twitch app or directly here:

If you are on a layered server this add-on is a must for world buffing. It shows the buff cooldown timers for the different layers to help you sync up and get to the right layer.

Download it from twitch app or directly here:

This tracks your current buffs. Handy to know how close you are to the 32 buff cap so that you can get rid of unwanted buffs.

Down it from the twitch app or directly here:


These add-ons don’t belong in any particular category so I’m putting them all here.

This creates a little collapsible window next to your normal character window that shows extra stats that aren’t shown in your standard window.

Not super vital but I like having it to quick check my resists among other things from time to time.

Download it via twitch or directly here:

Handy add-on for farming sessions (particularly BRD runs). Just helps you keep track of how gold efficient you were being during your farming session.

Download it via twitch or directly here:

Remembers everywhere you mine/herb and marks it on your map. Very handy if you do any open world herbing/mining.

Download it via twitch or directly here:

Tracks how long each flight takes and records it for next flight. Handy when you want to know how long you have to afk during a flight.

Download it from twitch app or directly here (make sure you select classic):

Let’s you reveal all unexplored areas and resize map easily.

Download it from twitch app or directly here:

Handy little add-on that does a lot of ‘quality of life’ options. I mostly use this to disable the grey effect during ghost, for faster looting, and to auto dismount when I’m spamming an ability/skill that requires me to be dismounted.

Download from twitch app or directly here:

Let’s you display your damage on one side and incoming damage on other side. A ton of other functions for in combat notifications too (but you’ll want to turn a lot of it off to avoid spam).

I highly recommend watching my video (Sno’s Rogue UI mods video) to see how I turn off the options to reduce the amount of spam in msbt. There’s also an option I change that will reduce the delay in it’s damage reporting.

There’s no official classic version but it’s been ported over and modded here (you have to download it directly as it’s not on the twitch app or curse site):

Simple add-on that just hides all the annoying little UI add-on buttons that show up around your minimap.

Download from twitch app or directly here:

This cleans up the auction house searching a lot. I personally hate the interface, but with the idiots who put up 100 listings of 1 piece of runecloth at a time you almost have to use this add-on to be able to use the auction house reliably.

Takes a bit of tinkering to get used to it/understand how it works, but worth it once you’re comfortable with using it.

Download it from the twitch app or directly here:

Rogue specific

These add-ons are rogue only for obvious reasons.

Let’s you set a number of each poison/vanish powder you want to buy/create. One click buys the ingredients, another click makes it for you.

It can be a little laggy (you have to wait a second or two to click again after the first click), but it’s a really nice timesaver for making poisons.

Download it via twitch or directly here:

Energy bar with ticker to see your energy ticks. Just a very clean and simple bar. You can also change the colors and set it up to be different color based on how much energy you have currently.

Download it from twitch app or directly here:

Adds 2 things. One is a little bar that pops up to let me know when my mh/oh is running low on poisons or not poisoned. Two is it creates a little poison button that can be right clicked/left clicked/alt clicked etc. etc. to auto apply my chosen poison to the correct weapon.

Very handy for quick poison applications. Note: Do not use the autobuy option for it as this is broken. Use the Hemlock add-on listed above for any autobuying/creation of poisons.

Download it from twitch app or directly here:

This add-on tracks timers in bar format. I put it under Rogue add-ons since it comes with rogue timers for all rogues abilities as default (slice and dice, blade flurry, kidney shot etc etc) when installed, but can actually be configured to track cooldowns for a lot of things.

You’ll see in my rogue ui guide video I track everything from kidney shot stun duration to item and skill cooldowns. You can also set up multiple bar areas. So for me I have one area for CC on enemy, one area for my skill cooldowns, one area for raid cooldowns (SnD, AR/BF).

Very versatile if you know how to use it (watch the video to see how I add extra things for it to track manually).

You can download it from the twitch app or directly here:

Bar mods

Let’s you create sets of gear that can be changed with 1 button. Also lets you create handy mouseover button bars for any slot. This lets you swap gear easily on the go.

Download from twitch app or directly here (there’s no official version, it got ported over and fixed to work in classic):

Masque is basically a re-skinning program for hotbars. I use it plus the skin ‘Masque:Epix’ to make my bars have that nice black border effect.

Download it from twitch app or directly here (you need both masque and the skin):