Rogue P4 & P5 Nature Resist Guide

Let’s talk nature resist for rogues in Phase 5.

ps – I have a video version of the below guide here:

Why do I need nature resist gear?

There’s one particular encounter in Anh’Qiraj called Princess Huhuran. She’s a big bug lady that looks like this:

She does a bunch of nature damage things, but there’s 1 in particular that can be nasty. At 30% hp, Princess Huhuran will enrage and spam an ability called ‘Poison Volley’ on 15 people near her. This hits for 2k nature damage per hit and will kill people if you are not prepared.

The typical strategy to deal with this is to assign 15 people close to her to to be the volley targets and these 15 people need to stack nature resist to survive.

As a rogue stabbing/slashing her in melee, it basically means you’re going to be one of those 15 targets. This is why you want to start working on your nature resist gear set.

FYI – the old spam pet trinkets trick to make her waste Poison Volley on pets apparently doesn’t work anymore, so you cannot cheese the encounter with pet trinkets.

How much nature resist do I need?

We don’t actually know how much nature resist we’ll need due to Classic WoW fights being much faster than Vanilla. A rough estimate is 200-250~ buffed for progression, if private servers are used as an example, but we don’t know if those difficulty levels will be the same as Classic WoW.

It’s possible that some guilds may just burst down Princess Huhuran so fast that NR is barely needed, but personally I’d still recommend picking up a set of NR gear to be safe. AQ is a step up in difficulty from BWL raids, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What nature resist gear should I get?

There are a lot of options, but unfortunately a lot of them aren’t available until P5 and P6.

Here’s a quick cheatsheet of the best options you can get during Phase 4, but I’ve also listed all the later phase items in the tabs below.

Note: Not every single NR option for p4 is listed in the photo… because the photo would have a billion choices if I did that. I just listed a quick selection of good choices, you can look at the full list below for more options.

Tip: There are a ton of open world drops that end with <of Nature Resistance> that I didn’t list below. For example you might find a helm with 25 NR on the auction house. I’d keep an eye on the auction house regularly to see if you can snipe any cheap world drop NR items.

Bramblewood Helm (30 NR)

The better option for helmet NR, but won’t be out until P6.

Tribal War Feathers of Nature Resist (14 – 15 NR)

Drops from Gyth in UBRS. You need decent rng to get the nature resist version of his helmet.

Amulet of Foul Warding (20 NR)

Drop from ‘The Prophet Skeram’ in AQ40 raid.

Drake Tooth Necklace (20 NR)

Reward from the quest ‘The Nightmare Manifests’ – part of the AQ gates opening questline. Shared quest reward with Drudge Boots, so you can only pick 1 of these 2 items.

Necklace of Purity (20 NR)

Drops from ‘Battleguard Sartura’ in AQ40.

Nature’s Whisper (8 NR)

Reward from the silithus quest ‘A Terrible Purpose’.

Unnatural Leather Spaulders (25 NR)

Drops from open world boss Green Dragon Taerar.

Phytoskin Spaulders (10 NR)

Drops from Razorlash in Maraudon.

Living Shoulders (3 NR)

Created by elemental leatherworker.

Fluctuating Cloak of Nature Resist (15 NR)

Drops from Prince Tortheldrin in Dire Maul West. Need decent rng to get nature resist version of this cloak.

Green Dragonskin Cloak (20 NR)

Drops from open world Green Dragon bosses.

Gaea’s Embrace (20 NR)

Crafted from Cenarion Circle revered recipe. Not out until p6.

Zephyr Cloak (15 NR)

Drops from The Windreaver boss that spawns during elemental invasions in Silithus.

Grovekeeper’s Drape (10 NR)

Drops from Celebras the Cursed in Maraudon

Shadewood Cloak (7 NR)

Drops from Alzzin the Wildshaper in Dire Maul East.

Cloak of the Shrouded Mists (6 NR)

Drops from Ragnaros in Molten Core

Chimeric Vest (17 NR)

Crafted by Tribal Leatherworkers.

Bloodfang Chestpiece (10 NR)

Drops from Nefarian in BWL.

Polychromatic Visionwrap (20 NR)

Drops from Solakar Flamewreath in UBRS (the annoying egg event that everyone skips).

Cow King’s Hide (10 NR)

Open world drop.

Thick Silithid Chestguard (5 NR)

Dropped by ‘Moam’ in AQ20.

Living Breastplate (5 NR)

Crafted by Elemental Leatherworkers.

Dragonspur Wraps (4 NR)

Drop from the open world Green Dragon bosses.

Random world drop <of Nature Resist> (10-15 NR)

No other real options for wrists, so you may want to watch the auction house for random world drop nature resist wrists.

Bile-Covered Gauntlets (20 NR)

Dropped by Princess Yauj in AQ40.

Stonebark Gauntlets (16 NR)

Dropped from Ironbark Protectors and Petrified Treants in Dire Maul West.

Chimeric Gloves (12 NR)

Made by Tribal Leatherworkers.

Arachnid Gloves (10 NR)

Dropped by Tuten’kash in Razorfen Downs.

Chloromesh Girdle (20 NR)

Dropped by Razorlash in Maraudon.

Bramblewood Belt (15 NR)

Crafted from Cenarion Circle friendly reputation recipe. Not available until P6.

Cenarion Reservist’s Leggings (25 NR)

Quest reward from ‘The Calling’ questline in Silithus. The final step requires help from a small raid of say 20ish. You can solo up to that step and just get your guild to knock it out after/before a raid sometime.

There are other leg options but I’m not listing them because the above legs are available right now and way better than any other alternatives.

Bramblewood Boots (25 NR)

Crafted from Cenarion Circle honored reputation recipe. Not available until P6.

Drudge Boots (20 NR)

Reward from the quest ‘The Nightmare Manifests’ – part of the AQ gates opening questline. Same quest as Drake Tooth Necklace, so you can only pick 1 of these 2 items.

Fangdrip Runners (20 NR)

Dropped by Nerub’enkan in Stratholme Dead dungeon.

Vinerot Sandals (12 NR)

Dropped by Razorlash in Maraudon.

Albino Crocscale Boots (5 NR)

Dropped by Rotgrip in Maraudon.

Sedge Boots (5 NR)

Quest reward from ‘The Treasure of the Shen’Dralar’ in Dire Maul.

Malfurion’s Signet Ring (20 NR)

Quest reward from ‘Nightmare Engulfed Object’ item dropped off open world Green Dragon bosses.

Band of Cenarius (19 NR)

Quest reward from ‘A Humble Offering’ in Silithus (not available until P5/P6). Need to kill a raid boss for this one.

You also need reputation as it’s required honored reputation to do the quest.

World drop <of Nature Resistance> rings (20~ NR)

Random world drop rings. Watch AH for a cheap one.

Ring of Binding (10 NR)

Drops off Onyxia. Your guild has probably disenchanted 10 of them by now.

Seal of Ascension (10 NR)

Reward from UBRS key access quest ‘Seal of Ascension’

Petrified Band (10 NR)

Dropped from Petrified Guardians, Petrified Treants and Ironbark protectors in Dire Maul.

Seal of the Archmagus (6 NR)

Drops off Baron in MC… probably want to leave this for casters.

Charged Gear (5 NR up to 19 NR)

Drops from Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan. You can RNG into Charged Gear of Nature Resistance enchantment, but it’s absurdly low droprate and I wouldn’t suggest trying for it.

Polished Ironwood Crossbow (7 NR)

Dropped by open world Green Dragon Emeriss.

Heart of Noxxin (10 NR)

Drops from Noxxion in Maraudon. You can have 2 of these for both your trinket slots.

Ward of the Elements (8 NR)

Reward from Alliance only quest ‘Jail Break!’

Smoking heart of the mountain (7 NR)

Enchanter only craftable item.

Savage Guard (10 NR Helm / Legs)

Quest reward for turning in an Arcanum of Rapidity. Not available until p6.

Enchant Cloak – Greater Nature Resist (15 NR to Back)

Recipe from Cenarian Circle in silithus (requires honored rep).

Enchant Cloak – Greater Resistance (5 NR + all resists to Back)

Recipe dropped by Atal’ai Witch Doctors in Sunken Temple.

Nature Mantle of the Dawn (5 NR to Shoulders)

Requires revered reputation with Argent Dawn.

Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn (5 to all resists on Shoulders)

Requires exalted reputation with Argent Dawn.