130 Gold/Hour – Rogue Maraudon Farm Guide

The maraudon herbing route for rogues is very popular, but there’s actually another route involving elemental killing that adds up to even more gold per hour.

Here’s the path for my current favourite rogue gold farm.

Video guide here:

Where you’re farming:

This farm is in the Maraudon instance, beginning at the waterfall section. You don’t need the teleport sceptre, but it does help since you begin the farm route at the sceptre teleport location.

Expected gold is roughly 100-130 gold per hour at the time of making this guide.

This is the scepter quest if you haven’t done it:

If you don’t have the scepter you’ll need to run down to the waterfall section before each farm session.

What you’re getting:

This path is a combination of mob killing mixed with herbing and/or mining.

  • Elemental Earths (mob drop)
  • Solid Stone (mob drop + mining)
  • Blindweed (herbing)
  • Ghost Mushroom (herbing)

Don’t sell the solid stone by itself. It’s usually much more profitable to make them into goblin sapper charges and sell them (you will need goblin engineering or know someone who is a goblin engineer to make them for you).

The sapper charges bring in just as much gold as the elemental earths.

Sapper charge prices at time of writing this guide: 3 gold 85 silver each

Overall herbing is overall better money than mining as the herbs sell for a decent chunk of money vs. gaining a few extra solid stone from mining.

Useful macro:

Here’s my macro which you may find handy to delete extra vendor greys that take up too much bag room. Just copy and paste this into a new macro.

/run local items={[4784]=true,[4552]=true,[4554]=true,[3676]=true,[4552]=true,[4554]=true,[4784]=true}for b=0,4,1 do for s =1,32,1 do local id=select(10,GetContainerItemInfo(b,s)) if items[id] then PickupContainerItem(b,s) DeleteCursorItem() end end end

Killing tips:

Blade flurry is the mvp of your abilities here. You will want it up for every pack if you want an easier time killing in maraudon. It’s still doable without blade flurry on the easier packs, but it’s a lot scarier depending on your gear.

I highly recommend the Darkmoon Heroism trinket and also full Bloodfang if you have it. It helps a lot with keeping your healing up on these mobs.

If you do not have a good farming healing/dodge set like in my video, you may need to spec into something with more survivability such as dodge and riposte. Dagger rogues can also pick up a sword for harder hitting facetanking (such as Claw of the Black Drake).