Classic Rogue for Dummies

Hi, I’m Jed, also known as Sno and I play rogue in Classic WoW. I enjoy getting pink pumper 99 parses and raiding efficiently.

High parses are a guild effort, but you can always work on improving your own gameplay. Whether you’re brand new to rogue or a raider looking for a few tricks to improve your own parses, I hope this site helps you.

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Okay let’s get started…

Rogue Phase 4 BiS PvE Gearing/Enchants

Want more info? Go detailed: Classic Rogue BIS PvE Gearing Guide – Advanced

Full extensive sim breakdown here: Rogue Weapon DPS Sim Cheatsheet

Read the full p4 rogue enchant guide for more details: Rogue BiS Enchants – Phase 4 PvE

Raid strategies

A walkthrough of how and when to use the LIP opener on Vael to push your 99 parse.


Breakdown of the entire Razorgore fight and how you (and your guild) should be approaching the fight to get a high DPS parse.


Rogue UI Guides

Here’s a list of my favourite rogue UI add-ons and weakauras. I’ve included a setup video to show you how each add-on works and how to set it up.

Sims & Rogue Data

If you’re curious to sim your own gear combinations, or just want to look at the latest rogue testing data on procs/calculations, it’s all here: